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Zavvi’s PlayStation VR Starter Kit Includes Lens Protectors, Camera Clip

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Zavvi’s PlayStation VR Starter Kit Includes Lens Protectors, Camera Clip

If you pick up a PlayStation VR unit along with a PlayStation Camera next month then you’re good to start playing (assuming you have a PlayStation 4). That said, UK retailer Zavvi has a few other things you might want in its PlayStation VR Starter Kit.

This new bundle of accessories recently popped up on the entertainment specialist’s site, offering a few handy extras to enhance your PS VR experience. The most interesting of these is a pair of lens protectors that will go over the circular glasses inside your unit. That should keep them from getting scratched when not in use, though we’d recommend you remove them when you actually use the thing or it’ll get extra blurry. Also helping lens maintenance is a cleaning cloth that appears to be officially branded.

Starter kit

There are two other pretty helpful additions to this bundle. The first is a TV clip for the PlayStation Camera which will attach to your screen to help you position the device in the best possible place for all your tracking needs. The camera will track both the PS VR unit itself as well as the DualShock 4 controller or PlayStation Moves, so getting its positioning just right is essential. There’s also a strap to bind cables together, which could be very helpful for experiences that require you to turn your head a lot.

Finally, there’s an extra charging cable for a controller and a silicone jacket for a DualShock 4, which are two rather needless bonuses, not that we’re complaining. The bundle doesn’t appear to be officially branded itself but it is coming in quite cheap: it costs £14.99 (just over $20). Given that price and the fact that four of the components of the kit do seem genuinely useful, we thought it was worth giving you a heads up. Sadly, we couldn’t find it listed anywhere for sale in the US right now, though it’s not due for release until November so it may materialize elsewhere soon.

PlayStation VR itself is due for launch on October 13th. We’re counting down to the big date by highlighting one new game each and every day until release.

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