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VR Will Let You Chat With ‘Doctor Who’ In Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment

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VR Will Let You Chat With ‘Doctor Who’ In Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment

This is gold, Internet, GOLD. An upcoming update to the somewhat viral, early virtual reality prototype, Jerry’s Place VR, is bringing VR Chat integration to the experience.

Jerry’s Place is a, “non-profit, just-for-fun project” being built by a single designer for the sole purpose of allowing people to connect with his favorite TV show in a more immersive way than ever. Through the app, you’ll be transported via VR into the land of cereal and Superman.

What you actually do in this wonderful world used to be something of a question mark, but now – thanks to the integration of VRChat in the new version – you will be able to do exactly what they always did on Seinfeld: just hang out and talk.

VRChat “let’s you create, publish and explore virtual worlds with other people” through the use of custom 3D avatars and voice integration. What this means for Jerry’s Place is that you will be able to not only live out your mid-90’s fantasy of kicking it in the Seinfeld apartment, but you can mix it with your 21st century love of Doctor Who by chatting with a realistic representation of Matt Smith.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.07.07 PM

According to the developer, the genesis of this project is really quite simple:

I’ve been a fan of Seinfeld for a long time. After purchasing the Oculus rift I started imagining what my first project might be. I decided to pick a project that would gradually introduce me to Unity without being overly complex. I was not new to 3D modeling, however this would be my first project in Unity. I came up with the idea of recreating Jerry’s apartment, in it’s entirety for virtual reality.

The original version of Jerry’s Place can be downloaded now for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift CVI, DK2, and DK1. The updated version with VRChat options will be released on these platforms on July 5, 27 years to the day after Seinfeld’s pilot originally premiered in 1989.

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